Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First House Financial Review

Their business name is First House financial the website and phone number is at the bottom. They only charge $9.95 a month which makes them the most affordable service in the niche. They will help you find very nice houses but here is the catch:

1) The houses are pre-foreclosed and the owners need someone to move in right away. All you need is first month rent no employment or credit check, but you can't ever default on the monthly payment.
2) they charge you $9.95 to have access to the guide, training materials, 24/7 customer service; a great deal
3) Once you get your package, you'll need to be the one to contact the owner saying you are interested in taking over the payment of his/her house.

This is convenient if  you need something available ASAP or not. Just simply contact the home owner and schedule a viewing. You can also knock at the door of the houses you were interested in, someone should be available to show you the place. Just contact the customer service if there is any issue.



  1. Many homeowners are facing eviction notices and are eager to sell. Many have jeapordized their credit and equity in one hit. This makes it very possible to find good equity in a property you choose; with the right instructions.

    Often times first house financial find that for the investment of a rental you can find great deals with pre-foreclosures. Afterall, you would no longer have to pay a landlord's profit!

    Visit first house financial

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